Purpose and Benefits

The purpose of the Safety is LifeĀ® website includes but may not necessarily be limited to the following benefits, functions, services and goals:

  • To improve the quality, interest and effectiveness of the weekly training meetings while reducing the time and expense of this training process.
  • To reduce the time and expense of administering OSHA forms that must be kept on file for various time periods of up to five years.
  • To reduce the time and expense of training personnel in safety practices and awareness during the weekly safety meetings.
  • To provide a reliable source for OSHA safety manuals that can be down loaded and modified to meet the individual company requirements, i.e. logo, letterhead, and to provide updates that comply with any and all changes in the OSHA mandates.
  • To put out newsletters and/or bulletins to each member with respect to compliance with new or revised OSHA regulations.
  • To provide a web community where safety professionals, superintendents, project managers and others in a management position can discuss ideas, issues, OSHA, how to improve safety, and how to better train their personnel.